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It can be hard for a parent to leave their child, especially a newborn, with someone they don’t know that well. But the fact remains that many parents can’t afford to stay at home all day with their kids, or they may need some time to themselves. Our Christian kindergarten will provide a safe place for your little one.


The staff at our facility understands how tough it is for a child to be independent from their parent. The bond between parent and child is a strong and special one, after all. You can start by sending your child to our day care, which is designed to entertain them with educational material.


They become smarter and independent every day with our caring staff. Our pre-school curriculum also socially and mentally prepares them for our kindergarten and other social scenarios. Our focus is to help each child when it comes to early childhood development in personality, mind and body. We also run a bilingual preschool.


You can learn more about our Christian kindergarten by contacting us at Drop of Heaven Pre-School and Kindergarten in Gilbert, AZ.



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  • Dedicated to Your Child's Education and Safety
  • We Teach Christian Values
  • Fun for Your Child

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